DIRECTV + AT&T Internet are better together.

Entertainment your way.

Entertainment should be available whenever and wherever you want it. AT&T Internet is over 99% reliable, so you can stream, surf and download.1 With a bundle from AT&T, you will get the best in home entertainment. Entertainment no longer exists just on our TV sets – it’s everywhere. And when you bundle DIRECTV with AT&T Internet, you can access all your favorite channels and shows anytime.

Enjoy a bundle you can count on.

Don’t let a bad signal get in the way of your life. Live life uninterrupted with TV and Internet reliability that exceeds 99%.2 Whether you want to download a movie or stream your favorite TV show, you can count on DIRECTV and AT&T Internet to be there for you.

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Get Wi-Fi where you need it most.

At Home

Get our fastest in home Wi-Fi signal reaching virtually every room in your house.3 When you select an AT&T plan with 10 Mbps or above, you can enjoy a Wi-Fi signal that everyone in the house can enjoy. Roam throughout your house without fear that you’re going to lose your signal.

On the go

With AT&T Internet, you have access to the national AT&T Hot Spot network.4 That means you won’t have to bug the barista for their Wi-Fi password, you can just logon to the attwifi network using your AT&T member ID. It’s that easy.

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